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10.000 m2 production capacity per year

3D wall panels

Sinks from natural materials

Worktops from recycled materials

Facade panels for A++ and LEED category buildings

Freedom in design and close cooperation

Manufactural production

Base of the
Atlanta Falcon statue



offers innovative solutions to the wide range of application concrete in all areas of architecture and interior design. Following the change of ownership in 2014, the company has set itself the goal of introducing unique handicraft exclusive products to the market by utilizing the benefits of artisanal production. However, in the meanwhile the company has the capacity to satisfy orders of bigger volume with full-scale customer service.

Concrete is the only material that can stand in virtually every area of architecture. The use of concrete is diverse, exciting, but in the meanwhile challenging. Concrete is easy to form, extremely durable. Molding technology offers tremendous design freedom. Thanks to the constantly evolving special additives, surface treatments, grinding and coloring methods, concrete is playing an increasingly important role in architecture and interior design.

We have been aiming to exploit the diversity of concrete, beyond the realization of unique ideas, to continuously expand our standard product range.

Architects and interior designers

The ambivalent harmony of coarse and delicate, heavy and ethereal, brittle and warm,the perfect harmony of contrasts this is how we think about concrete. Thanks to its aggressive sensitivity, the finest and lightest surfaces and objects can be made from concrete.


Thanks to its special characteristics concrete easily assumes the patterns of the mold, the quality of its surface, carrying the almost infinite range of variation. May it be naturally perforated or artificially structured surface.


We give everybody the opportunity to become a creator with us. Your custom ideas can be easily transformed into a ready product with our artisanal manufacturing processes. However on the other side our innovative and progressive technological developments allow us to undertake orders of industrial volumes.


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